About the National Advisory Committee
on Constitutional Reform (NACCR)

The NACCR is a Cabinet-approved body of citizens, drawn from different sectors of society, who possess significant knowledge, experience, and expertise in particular fields and subject matters. The NACCR is mandated to formulate terms of reference for a national consultation on Constitutional Reform.

Committee Members

Barendra Sinanan SC

Former Speaker of the House,

Committee Chairman

Helen Drayton

Former Independent Senator

Dr Terrence Farrell

Attorney-at-Law and former Central Bank Deputy Governor

Nizam Mohammed

Attorney-at-Law and former

Speaker of the House

Hema Narinesingh

Consulting Managing Partner, EY

Jacqui Sampson-Meiguel

Attorney-at-Law and former Clerk of the House

Raye Sandy

Former Tobago House of Assembly Chief Administrator

Winston Rudder

Public Service Commission Chairman and former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture

The Mandate of the National Advisory Committee on Constitutional Reform (NACCR)

  1. To formulate Terms of Reference (ToR) for a National Dialogue on Constitutional Reform
  2. To make recommendations to Cabinet for the promoting and convening of a National Constitutional Conference and Consultation in June 2024
  3. To incorporate within the ToR outline parameters of subject matter for national debate and for the engagement of the widest cross section of persons and bodies representing the citizenry, including the diaspora, political parties, NGOs, commercial interests, religious interests, labour/trade union interests, educators and students, with a view to promoting meaningful consultations, debate and engagement in the offering and exchange of opinions and the making of recommendations for constitutional reform
  4. To initiate, consult widely and guide the national debate towards the generation of a package of ideas and opinions which will be distilled into a working document, and which will become the working document for the Constitution Conference to be held in June 2024

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