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Our current Constitution is now almost 50 years old, and many people believe reform is necessary.

The Government established the National Advisory Committee on Constitutional Reform (NACCR) to engage and consult with citizens to get their views and recommendations on constitutional reform and to develop the Terms of Reference for a National Dialogue on Constitutional Reform to be held in June 2024. Citizens views and recommendations will be compiled into a working document for the national dialogue.

The Constitution is the highest law of Trinidad and Tobago and represents the people’s aspirations and how they want to be governed. The NACCR is engaging with the population to promote awareness of the Constitution so citizens and residents may contribute meaningfully to the reform process.

Yes. The second phase of NACCR’s public outreach will start in April with nationwide public consultations.

Yes. There have been several Commissions and Committees which proposed changes to the Constitution. The Reports of these Committees are on this website under “Supporting Documents”.

The NACCR will consider all previous proposals toward achieving a comprehensive constitutional reform working document.

The process of constitutional reform will be determined by the Government after the Committee submits to it the working document, which will comprise the views and recommendations of the citizens.

By submitting recommendations on this website, emailing views into the NACCR at and attending the public consultations, which will begin in April, 2024.

Please stay tuned to all media outlets for updates on upcoming NACCR activities.

You can submit your thoughts on constitutional reform via email at or via our website.

The NACCR will acknowledge receipt of all submissions. It will collate the views and recommendations to produce a comprehensive working document, which reflects the citizens’ submissions. The document will be submitted to the Government.

You can visit our website to get the latest news and also follow us on social media: Facebook | Instagram.

The NACCR cannot advise on a timeframe but expects the government will give careful consideration to the citizens’ views and act to reform the Constitution.

The NACCR is responsible for consulting with the public and for drafting a Working Document for submission to the Government. The Government has announced its intention to convene a National Dialogue on Constitutional Reform in June 2024.

The present democratic model of governance of Trinidad and Tobago guides the process of constitutional reform.

A specific mandate to engage the widest possible cross section of citizens toward developing a comprehensive working document guides the NACCR. The NACCR’s work is not political nor driven by political parties or activists or any institution or individual. Constitutional reform involves all corporate and individual citizens, including political parties.

The NACCR is not involved in drafting a revised Constitution. The NACCR will produce a document on the citizens’ recommendations.

You can visit our website for access to past reports and more information on constitutional reform 2024.

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